Avesta-Vagnen MS34 ATV forest trailer

Avesta-Vagnen MS34 ATV forest trailer

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The MS34 turnes your ATV to real forest machine 

Price without VAT 1.520.000 Iskr (Big foot 1.630.000 Iskr)

Designed and made in Sweden.

High quality Swedish steel used throughout the entire machine.

MS34 Hydraulic system
The standard 6.5hp motor Supplies sufficient power however we recommend 13hp easy-start Honda engine. Adding an extra 10kg to the front of the ATV is also an advantage in conjunction with the crane operation and extra drive power, running just under half throttle its quiet and economical,  but at full throttle it gives you that extra drive force when its needed. Operating bar 160.

Easy Operation
The design of the trailer makes for easy loading and unloading in tight woods. Work radius 3,4m 
Lenght of crain 5m
Lift power 350kg @ 1,7m - 175kg @ 3m
Max load 1800kg

 Accessories and options (not incluted)
• Frame Steering
• Radio controlled winch
• Honda 13hp with Electric start
• Automatic drive with high and low
• Tipping tray
• Movable boggie
• Extra bolsters
• Brush bolsters   

• 2-lever (excavator style) 
• Pressure gauge 
• Snatch block wireguide 
• Grapple pincer
• Grapple bucket
• Control button relocation
• Jockey wheel
• ATV suspension stiffning